December  23, 2023  children's feeding 


Thank you so much to all  seashells buyer's ,

special thanks to Mr. Thom Fair of USA  for the donation of $100 for the event 

and Sir Bob Wright of Canada for the purchase and advance payment 

thanks to Aryeh Agran of USA for the purchase support 

Thanks to Sina Taghavi of Iran for the seashells purchase support 

thanks to Jean-Paul Van Bellinghen of Belgium for the purchase support 

Children's feeding December 23,2022

thank you very much to all buyers  worldwide 

Children's Feeding March 5, 2022

Thank you very much for all buyers who buy  my items sea shell , some of the profits are spend for this event ,without you (buyer's) this event is not be success, thank you.........

December 2020 giving gifts

during december 2018 feeding activities

During feeding activities December 2015

During feeding activities December 2014

During feeding activities December 2012

during feeding activities December 2011

my goal is to feed more children in the future

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