About me

My name is edwin (ed) paloga and  i am starting  collecting and selling of shell since 2008 my brother in law invite me to join by collecting and selling of sea shell,  trip some neighboring island in Philippines to collect shell,and then i have decide to full time on selling ,and now i am running  a small seller but we can also provides in  shell collectors needs .

i am also  selling on ebay ..ebay store edspal shells  selling seashells specimens for collectibles and for scientific study.. 


We ship worldwide ,you can easy to buy our products and we are promising to served our valued customer 100 percent satisfaction rate, our address is located in Lapu-lapu city,6015 Cebu,Philippines


  My mission and desire is to contribute some needs of our all shell collectors all around the world  looking for some seashell to complete their hobbies and passion of shells , or ever for beach and home decors  ,we are offering  lower  item price....

for more inquires please contact edspalshells@rocketmail.com 


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Island that some Seashells are collected and taken